Story of My Life - One Direction

Always in My Head - Coldplay
17 Oct 14 at 5 pm

Finger Back - Vampire Weekend

(Source: loose-leaf-lyrics)

Finger Back - Vampire Weekend

I Choose You - Sara Bareilles

16 Oct 14 at 9 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker I Love You by Woodkid

Thanks for the request! I’ll try and have the lyrics up by this weekend! :)

This Is What It Feels Like - Armin van Buuren

Drop the Poptart - Deadmau5

I just wanted to apologize for the bit of inconsistency with the blog lately! I’ve been busy with school and midterms but this week looks like it’s slowing down so I should have requests up by today or tomorrow. If you would like to request a song, hit up my ask! Also, I should get a queue of lyrics up again soon! Thanks for sticking around and following me! 

07 Oct 14 at 10 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker skinny love.

Thanks for the request! I’ve actually done quite a few Skinny Love lyrics. Here’s the link for the Skinny Love lyrics that I’ve done. If there’s a specific lyric that I haven’t done yet, let me know and I’ll get on that!

asker LOVE THE BLOG HOLY. Can you post lyrics from: drop the pop tart by deadmau5 or other deadmau5? & also Armin Van Buuren stuff specifically from his album intense?

Wow thanks! I’ll definitely have those lyrics up by the beginning of next week :D